JULIE MARIS/SEMEL photography  
Photo of Julie
My interest in photography began at age three in my Dad’s darkroom, where I watched prints develop—like magic.

Later, I met Bill Maris, a well-known architectural photographer, who became my mentor. I moved from assistant to associate to partner. Since his death, I have been producing architectural and garden stories for clients, including Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and House Beautiful.

For the past nine years, I have also been photographing adventure travel. From trips to Antarctica, the Arctic, the Amazon, Asia, and Africa, my photographs cover people, landscapes, wildlife, and World Heritage sites.

Many of my photos have been featured in brochures for Quark Expeditions, TCS Expeditions, and Country Walkers. My photographs have also appeared on the websites of Nikon and Perkins Center for the Arts.
  copyright 2006 Julie Maris/Semel