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Monastery Tomb in Petra, Jordan, with a 45-meter-wide by 42-meter-high façade and a 9-meter-tall urn atop, overlooks variegated sandstone massifs that border the Petra basin. ad-Deir is possibly linked to a funerary cult of the deified King Obodas.

City on the Ganges plain and the Yamuna River located in Uttar Pradesh, India. Agra was the seat of the Mughal court during the 16th and 17th centuries. In 1643, Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in Agra.

Ao dai
Style of dress in Vietnam. Lord Vu Vuong of the Nguyen Dynasty in 1744 decreed that men and women wear the ao dai, trousers and a gown buttoned in the front. In the 1930’s, a Vietnamese designer lengthened the top and fitted the bodice. Young Vietnamese women wear white ao dai. Vietnamese national dress for males is similar in design with a snug collar and a gown buttoned on the left side; the dress extends to the knees. Ao dai indicated the rank of Vietnamese officials; only the emperor could wear gold brocade with embroidered dragons.

Arctic cotton
(Inuit name suputik) Plant that grows on tundra or in wet meadows, used to make fires by Inuit. Arctic cotton (Eriophorum scheuchzeri) is found in Greenland, Northern Quebec, and the Arctic.

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