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Jabal al-Khubtha
Mountain at Petra, Jordan into which the Royal Tombs (The Urn Tomb, Silk Tomb, Corinthian Tomb, and the Palace Tomb) were carved from the red-rose rock. Jabal al-Khubtha, one of the city’s formal High Places or acropolises, is also the site of the Tomb of Titus Aninius Sextius Florentinus.

Religion based on non-violence or Ahimsa preached by Lord Mahavira. Jain philosophy is an understanding and codification of eternal universal truths. Jains, vegetarians who believe in reincarnation, aspire to attain spiritual liberation and revere 24 past tirthankaras, enlightened beings who guide the soul from one life to another. The Adinath Temple in Rankapur, Rajasthan, India is one of the Jains’ five holy places.

Capital city of Rajasthan, India, a pink city with many rose-colored buildings, planned and designed in a geometric grid in 1727. Founded by Sawai Jai Singh, Jaipur replaced Amber, a city well-known for the Amber Fort Palace. Jaipur is the site of Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal or Palace of Winds.

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