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World’s largest land animal, characterized by its distinctive trunk (order Proboscidea). The Indian elephant (also known as the Asian elephant) can weigh up to twelve thousand pounds and measure ten feet in height; has wide, flat ears; is hoofed and gray to brown in color. A placental mammal, the elephant uses its trunk for breathing, drinking, and obtaining herbivorous food. Indian elephants are smaller and more easily tamed than African elephants. 28,000 to 42,000 Indian elephants remain in the wild and are classified as endangered.

El Khazneh
Royal tomb in Petra, (petra from the Greek meaning “rock”) Jordan, also known as The Treasury of the Pharaoh. Its façade with Hellenistic-style Corinthian capitals, peristyle entrance (a series of columns enclose it), and blind rotunda (tholos) is Petra’s best-known monument. The art of Alexandria influenced the composite architecture.

Art of decorating textiles using needle and thread. Embroidery techniques include cross-stitch, crewel, and quilting. Surviving Scythian embroidery from the 5th c. B.C.; Chinese-embroidered, imperial silk robes from the Qing Dynasty; Islamic 16th c. embroideries with stylized geometric patterns; and 16th c. Vietnamese embroidery for the royal families used different styles and techniques. Embroidery is a traditional occupation in Hue, Vietnam, and according to legend, the father of Vietnamese embroidery was Le Cong Hanh.

Ethiopian Orthodox priest
Ordained minister. Ethiopian Orthodox priests tend 800-year-old rock-hewn and monolithic churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Orthodox priests, who can marry, conduct services in Ge’ez, an ancient Semitic tongue. The priests’ satin and velvet jewel-colored robes contrast with the throngs of parishioners wearing the dazzling white of traditional Ethiopian dress. Ethiopian Orthodox priests hold aloft Coptic Crosses during services and processions to honor holy days, which imbue sacred occasions with reverential majesty.

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