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Hand spinning
Plying individual strands of wool, flax, cotton, or other fiber together by twisting. The spinner and the staple length of the fiber determine the thickness of the thread. With one hand, the spinner pulls wool from a distaff or raw material, and with the other hand smoothes the elongating fibers between fingers onto a spindle shaft.

(Greek erémos meaning “desert”) Person who seeks solitude for prayer, meditation, and contemplation. Hermits have lived in caves, deserts, or isolated monastic cells and renounce worldly pleasures to come closer to the deity that they worship.

Herschel Island
Island in the Yukon Territory, Canada located in the Beaufort Sea, the Arctic Ocean. Herschel Island was the site of a whaling station in the 1880’s. Pauline Cove and Qikiqtaruk, the Inuvialuit name for Herschel Island, are now part of the Yukon’s first territorial park. Evidence of the Thule culture as well as structures and cemeteries remain from the whaling period.

Former capital of Vietnam established in 1802, located on the Perfume River. Hue, the political, cultural, and religious center of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty until 1945, is the site of the Imperial Citadel. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Hue complex includes the citadel with its Noon Gate (Ngo Mon Gate), the Imperial City, temples, and royal tombs of the Nguyen emperors.  


Small dwelling of simple construction. Villagers in Lalibela, Ethiopia live in round, single, or two-story huts, with dry stonewall and thatched roofs. Tukuls or traditional-style Ethiopian huts have 3-meter tall interior walls, and ceilings that can be 12 meters high with poles that serve as trusses.
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